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Treatment Designed to Get You Out of Pain and Improve the Way You Move

Chiropractic-Soft Tissue Recovery-Therapeutic Exercise

How our Rapid Recovery Program Works

Survey's show that 89% of our patients only require 3-6 visits

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Schedule Your New Patient Exam:

Easily schedule an appointment with us using our convenient online booking system or by calling our office. This way, we can help you identify the underlying cause of your problem and develop an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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Receive Your Custom Plan of Action

Our team will work with you to develop a customized plan that addresses your specific needs and helps you find relief from pain now, while also taking steps to prevent future discomfort.

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Return to a Pain Free Lifestyle

You'll be provided with a personalized home exercise program to help prevent future issues from arising.

Dr. Joseph Hugunin can help with all different types of Conditions:

Low back pain button

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain button

Neck Pain

Headache button


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Shoulder pan button

Shoulder Pain

Tennis/Golfer's elbow button

Tennis/Golfer's Elbow

Upper back pain button

Upper Back Pain

Rib Pain button

Rib Pain

Hip pain button

Hip Pain

Knee pain button

Knee Pain

Carpal tunnel button

Carpal Tunnel

Sciatica button


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Success Stories

We have helped thousands of Kansas City patients like you get out of pain and they have spoken.

"Dr. Hugunin is amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable and talented! At our first appointment, he shared more information with me about the reasons that my son was having challenges than the other doctors and specialists we had gone to prior. He is very kind, caring and truly wants what is best for patients. He has gone above and beyond when working with my son and has helped him tremendously"



"Meeting with Dr. Hugunin was my first time meeting with a chiropractor and it was a tremendous success. He immediately resolved my lower back pain and I was able to partake in all the physical activities I wanted to."



"Dr. Joe is a fantastic chiropractor! I have back issues from working on my house and my desk day job. I also have severe arthritis. My back feels immediately better after every adjustment. I've also seen a greater range of motion and less pain in my arthritic joints. My wrist moves in ways it hasn't in a year! He also gives great tips about proper exercise form and good exercises to deal with common issues."



"Dr. Hugunin is an amazing chiropractor and I've had nothing but great experiences with him. I started coming in because of lower back issues, and he's made a huge difference with ART as well as making recommendations like lifting with a belt and using proper form. He really takes the time to work with you and cover all the bases to make sure you're not only recovering from current injuries but preventing new ones. He clearly cares for his patients. I'd highly recommend!"



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