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Creating Balance While Building a Side Hustle

Updated: Feb 12

You created your side hustle for some extra cash, but it has quickly become a successful business that is demanding more of your time. If you choose to make your side passion project your primary source of income, proceed with caution. Running a full fledged business can be time consuming and stressful. Before you choose to focus entirely on this new project, take some steps to see if you can successfully balance a full-time job, a healthy lifestyle, and a side hustle. If you can, you may be ready to switch over full time!

So, read on for some tips from Spine Kansas City a Lenexa, KS Chiropractor on how to be prepared and open to making a few lifestyle changes to ensure your mind and body are balanced as you embark on this busy period of life.

Invest in Chiropractic for Whole Body Care

If you’ve been working a full time job and a side hustle, your body could probably use some TLC. Many jobs now require hours sitting at a desk working on a computer, which can cause “tech neck” and other painful conditions. Stretching and massage can help a good deal, but chiropractic care often provides immediate relief for these conditions. Plus, a good chiropractor, like those at Spine Kansas City, can instruct you on ways to avoid repeating these injuries through changes in body positioning and stretches and exercises.

Get Organized Before You Launch

Because your side hustle is what you’re truly passionate about, your mind is probably overflowing with ideas. While it’s great to have genius-level ideas, you need to streamline your thoughts. It’s vital to get organized before you jump headfirst into pushing your hustle. Side hustles can explode, and it can become stressful if you aren’t ready.

Create shared spreadsheets. Use cloud apps like Google Docs to develop a series of files and folders for your collateral. Start off by creating basic spreadsheets of expenditures and other financials. You can store logos, images, business plans, contracts, converted PDFs, and tax documents in their respective folders.

Convert files. Instead of sitting with a full inbox of emails, you can implement a simple strategy of converting your emails into PDF documents. It makes searching through emails and downloading them so much easier, especially if you’re using a Google platform. For example, if you need to convert a doc to PDF from Word, you can utilize an online converter.

Outsource some work. Find a team of local freelancers who you can build a relationship with — you might not need them now, but when things get too much, they can help out.

Participate in business meet-ups. Organize meet-ups with people who have started businesses like yours or those who’ve made a success from their side hustle.

Make Time for Exercise and Stress Reduction

Change can have a huge impact on your body. While establishing your side hustle, it’s important to check in with your physical and mental health. The Every Girl recommends that you set realistic exercise goals and make them part of your daily routine. Your mind and body can benefit from just 30 minutes a day.

Start your day early with a sport you enjoy. In the evening, take a further 30 minutes to relax the mind — this can be anything from breathwork to meditation or walking your dog. You can also make small changes to your home that will make it a low-stress zone, which is perfect for relaxing after a busy day. Bring in some plants and nature-based artwork to harness the healing power of Mother Nature. And create a designated space for you to practice guided breathing and meditation.

Protect Yourself as an LLC

You may have been able to manage your side hustle without a formal business designation, but if you make the move into full time you will need to register your new business. There are four primary designation options, which you should explore; however, many small businesses start out with the LLC, or limited liability company, designation. An LLC is simple to establish and provides you with protection for your personal assets in addition to tax incentives. It’s something you can register for on your own, or you can use a formation service to file the state-specific paperwork for you.

Break Your Day Into Time Segments

Make sure you break each day into time segments to keep yourself organized. Focusing on small chunks at a time should prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. Also, Healthline recommends that you try to get eight hours of sleep a night, and slot in a few hours per day for your side hustle. Don’t work outside those hours, as this might see you neglecting other duties. Consider putting up a calendar on your wall for daily reminders.

Stay Balanced By Making Small Goals

Maintaining balance in our busy lives can be challenging, but it can feel almost impossible when you’re trying to transition from a side hustle to full time entrepreneurship. Fortunately, this balance is not impossible. If you break down each project into smaller steps and plan ahead, you can stay focused and your side hustle can thrive. So pursue your dream, but keep your balance so that you can truly enjoy it.

Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

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